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Texas Cannabis Industry Association (TCIA)

Frisco TX, 75033
Texas Cannabis Industry Association® promotes and works to ensure the favorable social, economic and legal environment necessary for a legitimate and responsible cannabis industry in Texas. We serve as the voice of the industry, devoted to providing resources and support to legal cannabis businesses in the state. We are founded on three pillars: Mentorship. Advocacy. Education. ​ TCIA is non-partisan. We do not advocate one party over another. TCIA aggressively supports viable individual candidates who possess the content of character to openly engage for cannabis law reform, toward a more just and compassionate Texas Republic. TCIA does not promote the use or sale of illegal drugs in any way. We act in strict accordance with all state and local laws, rules, and regulations. TCIA promotes responsible political and corporate engagement to help establish and promote a responsible, wellness-based legal cannabis industry across the nation, including Texas.



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