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Drug Policy Education Group, Inc (DPEG) has been involved in drug reform laws, especially cannabis, since 2000. DPEG supported our sister group, Arkansans For Compassionate Care from 2011-2016 while trying to legalize the medical use of cannabis. Though our initiative was removed from the ballot, we spent the Arkansas Legislative Session of 2017 testifying on behalf of patients. The Arkansas government was against medical legalization and slowed the process of implementing the program for TWO AND A HALF YEARS! That is unacceptable. Since 2015, the legislature has worked to cripple the petitioning process making it more difficult each year to petition our state and plan to disable it completely if they can. Knowing this, we have this one chance to legalize adult-use and to expunge records of those that were convicted of cannabis charges. Arkansans For Cannabis Reform is the new Ballot Question Committee that we have formed to get these two amendments on the ballot.



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