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Show map is the ultimate shopping destination of Uritox LLC company that is selling affordable Drug Testing Kits in bulk online for employers. Employers can order bulk quantity in best price for their employees random testing, pre-employment testing and etc.

San Rafael, CA

USChemLab recognizes the importance of clean, effective cannabis medications and seeks to enable our collaborators to provide accurate information and product quality assurance to all of their patients. We have created the USChemLab Standard in order to help ensure quality and safety of cannabis products. Our services

Think20 Labs
Columbia, MD

Think20 Labs is creating a new dimension. We are an analytical testing laboratory for Hemp and Cannabis, but everything we do in here is different. We are challenging the way a laboratory understands the importance of Hemp and Cannabis testing and defines partnerships. Think20 Labs is an open and collaborative

Navigator Genomics™ Testing just launched the industry's first pharmacogenomic testing consumers by a simple saliva cheek swab done at home. Reports your best MMJ cannabinoids +416 top Rx's. All evidenced-based on your unique genetic variations. Results guide consumers and their healthcare professionals and

Encore Labs
Pasadena, CA

With over 25 combined years of laboratory experience, Encore Labs delivers premier quality laboratory cannabis testing to ensure accurate potency and safe product driven analysis from our Southern California compliant marijuana testing lab. Market Value Premier quality and accurate cannabis testing State-of-the-art
Valley Cottage, NY is a privately held company dedicated to bring the readers the latest news, research and CBD reviews.

Best 4 Drug Test
Rochester, MI

Online store of marijuana detox kits and home drug tests

WeatherPort™ makes the best fabric buildings in the world. We offer a unique and personal approach to providing engineered fabric structures. We use field-tested designs, the latest engineering principles and techniques utilizing current IBC codes to ensure safety, manufacture using the highest quality materials for

VRX Labs
Long Beach, CA

VRX Labs was founded by physicians, scientists, and business people committed to accurate, consistent and efficient cannabis testing services. VRX Labs maintains offices in Long Beach and Willits, California, and has plans to further expand to additional locations in California. Future growth also includes expansion

Vitale Scientific Associates
Valley Forge, PA Knoxville, TN Charlottesville, VA

Vitale Scientific Associates, LLC (VSA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Environmental Standards Holdings, Inc. VSA manages the quality and collection of data and information needed to assess and manage product safety, product purity, product stewardship, product specifications and certificates of analysis, and supply

s part of the VERDER Group, the Scientific Division sets standards in the development and manufacture of modern, reliable laboratory and analysis equipment. We provide our customers from sectors like aerospace, agriculture, environment, material science, pharmaceutics or research with tailor-made solutions for sample

Verde Science (VRCI-OTCQB) has assembled an impressive team of scientists from highly technical disciplines including Bioprocess Technology, Nanotechnology, Molecular Virology and Immunology, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology and Medical Device Design. Our focus is the discovery of novel drugs and new treatment