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Wrazel's New Podcast is on Spotify

Company News Alpie Atabay

Wrazel continues to connect the business network of the cannabis industry.

We are thrilled to announce that our new podcast Connect in Cannabis is now on Spotfiy.

The ultimate networker in cannabis, Wrazel brings the most important people to "Connect in Cannabis" to share their insights on an exciting and brilliant time in the industry.  Hosted by Brian Holler, Connect in Cannabis showcases the who’s who of today’s Cannabis Industry, from pioneering CEOs to celebrities and lawmakers.

In each episode Brian Holler, SVP of Business Development, speaks with business owners, service providers and experts to discuss the state of the global cannabis industry as well as the latest innovations, business solutions and market trends. Each episode introduces professionals and thought leaders coming from various sectors that are involverd in the business of cannabis, from marketing and entrepreneurship to science and legal compliance.

You can also watch the live Zoom video of each episode on our YouTube channel.

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